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   The forwarding company Transexpo LTD was organized in 1994 and is the first forwarding company founded in Ilyichevsk city of Odessa region.
Working at the market of providing of services in the field of motor, railway and marine transport already more than 15 years we considerably multiplied the volumes of the served loads and deserved the trust of the clients, and also reputation of reliable partner among forwarders, in banks and in seaports. In continuation of the forwarding activity we developed and inculcated the charts of the work with agents and surveyors of marine companies.
Our company is located in 500 from the Ilyichevsk marine trade port. We have a railway access road on our territory. The storage area allows to stow loads in large parties, and also carry out all necessary works related to treatment of these loads.
Sinse 1998 year Transexpo is the actual member of Association
International Dispatches of Ukraine and actual member of Fiata.
We work in the Ilyichevsk marine trade port with the following loads:
  • rolling of black metals,
  • cast-iron and ferro-alloys,
  • balked cargo,
  • general loads,
  • containers,
  • equipment

Methods of our work:
Working above the improving of quality of our service, we offer the choice of the most optimum charts of treatment the loads, competition rates on their trans-shipment, treatment and storage, high-professional consultations.

Individual approach to every of our client, personal attention and permanent care of the main management about effective and despatche of the works on treatment and storage of the load.
The respectable partner relationships with our clients give all pre-conditions for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

68001, Ukraine, Odessa region, Ilyichevsk city,
Transportnaya 27V
tel (04868)65425,65135,34717,34358
tel/fax: (04868)34717

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